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Monday, May 7, 2012

How Do You Start Your Day?

How Do You Start Your Day? Posted By susanne On May 1, 2012 @ 2:47 pm In Best Practices,Business Development,Coaching,Marketing,Real Estate Technology,Real Estate Training,Today's Top Story [1]This is such a simple question yet it can have such profound results. Last week’s article, “Watch Your Mouth,” generated a lot of emails, Facebook messages and tweets. The majority of the messages were very positive and some of you were very honest. In fact, one person wrote, “I completely get the power that our words and thoughts have on our emotions, and in turn on our production level, but I just can’t seem to figure out how to stay consistent with being intentional with my thoughts and words no matter how hard I try.” Can anyone relate to this? The reader went on to write, “I will make it a point to stop and, as you put it, take every thought captive, but then once my day gets going all that goes out the window and I just start reacting, thinking and talking like I always have. This unfortunately leads me to the same emotional state that I have always been in and I just can’t seem to break the pattern! HELP!!” I want to thank this person for their honesty because I think that a lot of people find themselves in the same situation. Let’s face it: Sometimes when something is not working for you, it is not the tool that is the problem, it is the implementation of the tool that is flawed. Which gets me to my point: How do you start off your day each and every morning? It is a relatively simple question but can have so many answers. This was brought to my attention recently by someone from my Facebook group, “Don’t Be a Wantrepreneur.” The point of the group is to provide a place where people can be lifted up every day and made to feel good and push them towards whatever they are after in a world that is surrounded by so much negativity. This group member commented on how much she loves the group and how much she gets out of it every day, especially now because of something she was going through in her life and the struggles she was having professionally. Then she followed up with the question, “How do you do it? How do you stay motivated and keep your thoughts in check like you wrote about? It is so hard sometimes.” She referred to what I wrote in “Watch Your Mouth,” about how some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and lose half of your day because you don’t FEEL right, while other days you feel like you are ready to conquer the world and find yourself so much more productive. Without even thinking I looked back at her and told her that I am able to stay positive, motivated and ready for each day, not because I just think positive thoughts, but because I start each day the exact same way. When I am not on the road traveling or speaking I don’t schedule any phone calls or anything prior to a certain time. I drop my sons off at school and then the first half hour of every day is spent the exact same way – I pray, read and immerse myself in uplifting content. It is amazing the effect that this has on my state, on my thoughts and words and ultimately on my emotions. Haven’t you ever noticed when you are leaving an incredibly inspiring movie, at that moment, you are not thinking about bills, issues with other people or anything else? You are still lost in the emotion of the movie you just watched. If you don’t believe this I challenge you to go and watch any one of the “Rocky” movies and not want to get into a boxing match with somebody afterwards. Whatever you immerse yourself in will determine how you feel. It is impossible to spend a half hour every morning praying, reading about other people’s triumph over struggle and immersing myself with uplifting content and not leave that 30 minutes feeling energized and ready to go. I promise you if you invested this kind of time every morning you will find that you are more productive and more enjoyable to be around as well. You are working in an industry where people select who they want to work with and they have many options. If you want more clients it is as simple as having more people in your life that actually WANT you around because you make them feel a certain way. It all starts with you though. Have you asked yourself lately what you actually do to prepare yourself to be your client’s best option? Most people simply react to all of the emails, phone calls, text messages and Facebook messages they get and then wonder why they feel burnt out by the end of every day with nothing left to give back to themselves or their families. So I ask the question again—How do you start your day? This time in the morning to me is similar to a stop at the gas station for your car. Without it, I would find myself running on empty. Some of you reading this will come up with excuses of why you couldn’t possibly invest 30 minutes every morning because you are much too busy, but I firmly believe that we make time for the things that we value. I don’t know too many sales people that view their morning shower as an optional activity before they meet with clients because they “just don’t have the time to take a shower.” The truth is we wake up early enough to take a shower because to not do so would be ludicrous. I want you to start to associate the idea of not taking time to take control over your day as just as ludicrous as not keeping up with good hygiene. Both will have an effect on your business but only one will have an effect on your emotional state each day. Here's a free business plan creator to get you started!

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