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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 Tips to Brand Your Way to Success

5 Tips to Brand Your Way to Success

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When most business owners think about creating a brand for their businesses, they immediately think about logos or brainstorm amusing taglines. Yet, effective branding goes much deeper than this.

“One vital component of building a recognizable brand for your business is to find its unique attributes and then build upon them,” explains founder Joseph Messina. “Highly successful companies have discovered how they can provide their customers with products and services they can’t get anywhere else, and their brands communicate that eloquently.”

To help businesses get the ball rolling, offers five key brand-building insights:

1. Increase Recognition. Think about the logos of the most successful companies in the world. They’re simple and recognizable even without displaying the company name. When a business’ brand is easily recognized, people are more likely to view that business as professional, trusted and credible.

2. Earn Customer Trust. Customers are justifiably wary of any business they don’t know. “Your business and brand must instill a sense of trust within your customers if you want them to come back and refer their friends,” says Messina.

3. Build Customer Loyalty. Building a sense of loyalty in customers is easier when they associate a business with a strong brand. Creating an emotional attachment to a brand in customers’ minds makes it more difficult for competitors to win them over.

4. Gain Referrals. When consumers search for a product and find multiple options, they usually end up asking friends for advice on which one will be the best choice.

5. Stand Out from Your Competitors Online. Even the best designed sites can get lost in the noise of the Internet. “If your brand is recognizable, previous customers will be able to pick your site out from the competition,” Messina explains.

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