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Monday, July 25, 2011

Want More Sales? Pump Up the Experience

Want More Sales? Pump Up the Experience

By Terri Murphy

RISMedia, June 13, 2011—When was the last time you wanted to watch a black-and-white or one of the old “Technicolor” films? For most of us, they just don’t have the same engagement magic they held years ago when compared with the latest innovations like 3-D and special effects. In short, customers want more and a better experience than ever before.

Today, consumers are tougher to attract, engage and ultimately connect with due to the highly noisy and confusing market. When it comes to real estate, using the best resources available to engage new prospects will give you the competitive edge, more customers and ultimately more profits.

So what can you do to heighten the buying or selling experience for your prospects? Here are a few ideas to pump up your connection factor:

- Use multiple mediums in the selling process to snag the attention of prospective buyers. When using brochure boxes, use only information sheets that include high-quality photos in color. Brochure boxes don’t always keep the paper dry, so use a printer that ensures the ink won’t run. Kodak’s ESP 6150 All-in-One office printer does a great job of high-quality color printing, and the ink won’t run—even when sopping wet.

- When printing brochures and information sheets, always include the electronic URLs so the prospect can opt to go to the Web for additional information. List Web portals such as the URL for the listing, a link to the virtual tour, or the 800 call-capture information, just to name a few.

- If you use QR codes, it is more important than ever that when printing the code on a brochure that it be “smear proof” and is not compromised so the prospect can easily “scan and go” to get information.

- Listing appointments are a place to shine with high-quality printed materials to demonstrate to the seller how you provide professionally produced brochures and marketing materials that best represent their property. Beautifully produced, high-color take-away brochures and information sheets have proven to capture the attention of a prospective buyer more so than the standard MLS information sheet.

- Buyer books printed with dramatic color and quality are more likely to provide the best possible experience for the buyer. A well-produced buyer guide speaks volumes about how the agent is prepared and committed to help educate their buyer through the entire purchase process.

- Use a printer that multi-tasks. Choose a printer that can handle various tasks with one piece of equipment. You need to not only print, but be able to scan your brochures to email to prospects. Faxing is easy too and all can be done wirelessly.

- Don’t spend all your money on cartridges to get the job done. At a time when being economical is a high priority, it’s important to consider the cost of cartridge replacements.

Agents are busy looking for buyers, and buyers are even busier looking for properties. Make your job easier by incorporating the best possible time-saving, high-quality tools and resources to make more sales.

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