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Friday, July 29, 2011

Top Agents Make Money Doing the Right Things Right

Top Agents Make Money Doing the Right Things Right
By Terri Murphy and Verl Workman

RISMEDIA, July 9, 2011—At a time when creating a high value proposition can be the differentiator in getting more buyer and seller business, top earning agents are equipped with the best and latest engagement tools. They know that incorporating systems, tools and strategies will help them out-perform and up-serve their prospects. But if you look closely, they never stray far from the basics of connecting more people with their housing solutions more consistently.

When we interviewed top agents across the country, we found that the newest innovations are not only engaging but working to set these market leaders apart. The most productive agents still do the basics, but incorporate electronic tools, systems and resources that help them connect prospects to profits.

Here are some of the top activities to attract, engage and convert prospects to profits:

Top performers are masters of lead generation and conversion. They generate leads from call capture, online portals, QR codes, virtual tours, open houses, etc. Smart agents focus on their database as a number one priority with consistency and follow-up. Good database management systems include targeted automatic campaigns and follow-up programs that help agents stay top of mind.

Technology reigns as one of the major tools in the innovation toolbox. Texting platforms continue to grow to serve the client’s personal preferences for receiving information in real-time. For Sale signs can be enhanced with text numbers to allow prospects to secure a plethora of information about a property without even opening the car door. In addition, downloadable virtual tours, MLS information sheets and neighborhood data can all be transferred to and through a prospect’s smartphone.

QR codes are a successful and growing option for transferring property information. They are popping up everywhere, and have become a great “transition” tool. The adoption is still in the infancy stages but is becoming a mainstream platform to serve the real-time needs of today’s consumer.

The illusive prospects that walk through an open house have historically been tough to serve after the casual inspection. Agents have found that if they can secure the prospect’s email address, they can follow-up with value. Top producers use email that is enhanced with interactive options that enable them to include links to geographical information, short video clips about the neighborhood and property photos and information.

Video has taken top priority when presenting properties. Kodak has made it simple with their easy-to-use PlayTouch video camera. Agents secure video footage of the parks, farmer’s market activity and community events to help promote the lifestyle of a community.

Top earners understand that incorporating both traditional and electronic platforms is necessary to serve all four generational age groups. But one thing remains the same: Prospects need to be consistently “touched” and updated with new information.

Equally important in today’s marketplace is that in order to attract and engage a consumer, the “experience” must be enhanced with high quality photos, easy-to-secure video and real-time information.

To be a top seller requires dollar-producing activities. You can’t miss when you blend good old tried and true lead generation and lead prospecting with automated systems to make more profits.

If you don't remotely know how or where to begin with implementing any of these, come work with us. We already have a system that does it all for you!

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