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Monday, May 2, 2011

8 Critical Steps to an Interfusion Marketing Strategy

8 Critical Steps to an Interfusion Marketing Strategy
Marketing Messaging by Tricia Andreassen

RISMEDIA, February 14, 2011—With 2011 underway, we must be laser-focused and understand the mindset of the consumer with whom we want to do business. Tailor the presentation, the message and the information to engage them. An Interfusion Marketing strategy blends together the targeted focus message with website strategy, offline marketing and your social media, so it reaches everywhere in a cohesive plan of attack. Here are 8 steps to make sure you do just that.

Step 1 – Understand your vision and who you want to attract
Work certain towns, the first-time home buyer market or short sales? Hone in on where you want your business to come from. What does that type of consumer want? Where do they look for information? And how do they go about getting it? Tailor to their mind.

Step 2 – Have main website buttons with content and MLS searches
Once they land on your site, you have only seconds to prove they have come to the right place. They should click on the button and go to a page about the area with photos and even a video that allows them to gather information from your perspective.

Step 3 – Give them what they want…listings
Include an interactive MLS search on your homepage and have creative searches on your content pages that interfuse specific MLS searches by price or property type. Once they click on the listing details, romance them and gain their trust to engage with you.

Step 4 – Have “Calls To Action” – compel them to click through
Engagement points (i.e., calls to action) should be sprinkled strategically throughout your site. Get into their head, so they think things like: “That’s what I am dying to know” or “I think I should look into that.” Tailor the message like:
-Facing foreclosure?
-Has the market stabilized?
-Foreclosure/bank-owned buys – click here!

Step 5 – Incubate the lead with automated e-mail follow up
Calls to action must be partnered with an automated e-mail drip campaign. Make sure it’s on branded e-mail stationary with links back to your site and be on schedule for at least a year. Be positioned so when they are ready to move forward they think of you.

Step 6 – Match the calls to action with specific landing pages and domain names.
Remember the consumer can be at different phases of the process and many times they aren’t ready to talk to you just yet. Non-branded pages like allow them to get information on their own terms, which in turn, gets them into the e-mail follow up.

Step 7 – Social? Offline? Preach your message everywhere.
If your marketing and advertising doesn’t have a call to action…it’s pointless. Whether it’s postcards, listing flyers, magazine ads, Facebook ads, Craigslist or even your Facebook business page wall, you need to remember it’s about lead generation!

Step 8 – Manage the leads and track the results.
What advertising gets the most leads? Which calls to action get the most traffic? How many buyers are in incubation and at what point do they seem to convert? Profile and track your business so you know where to cut and where to spend.

If you don't remotely know how or where to begin with implementing any of these, come work with us. We already have a system that does it all for you!

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