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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Are You Running Your Business Like A Business? Step 2

Are You Running Your Business Like A Business? Step 2

We were all wooed by the idea of being independent business people, predominantly because we liked the idea of our time being our own. This is a lovely fantasy, but a poor realtor/employee to be named later is the typical result of this ideal. We start to prioritize and schedule all of life’s events ahead of work and soon find that we have a career in name only and absolutely no income to show for it. Once we have experienced the rude awakening that is - "you don't earn unless you consistently work", we often find that the process in turning it all around too difficult to structure. Now that you hopefully have step 1 down - The Business Plan
The next step in running your business like a business is to have a structure that blocks out the time you will need to accomplish the tasks to reach your goals. This requires a scheduling trick in order to continue to have the best of both worlds. Every event in your life must be scheduled on the same calendar. Start first with all of the daily/weekly events that you have in place currently: picking up kids from school, soccer practice at 3 on Wednesdays. No one is suggesting that these things have to go away. You simply need to clearly define your work time and commit to it. Next, you will create a weekly work schedule, blocking time for each of the tasks that will produce business. For example, there are really only three basic components to our business. 1.) Connecting with potential customers, prequalifying their potential, & scheduling the appointment (prospecting). 2.) Meeting with the customers to enter into a contract or working relationship. 3.) Following up - Launching all of the systems to help them promote or find a home and processing the deal. The better you are at qualifying people, the more time you will have to spend finding the best ones to work with. In practice, about 35% of your time will be spent finding customers, 35% meeting with them, and 30% follow up. Here is a mock schedule to help you get started:

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