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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

6 Steps to get your buyers to make GOOD offers

Are you chasing your tail, spinning your wheels, and literally spending countless hours with people who just don't seem to get it? We are the professionals and yet it seems that the general public is so convinced that we are salespeople that they have a difficult time trusting what we say. How do we overcome this?

6 Steps to get your buyers to make GOOD offers
#1 - Be a consultant and trusted advisor. Break the myth by explaining the value of your service. "Mr. & Mrs. Buyer, you probably think we sell houses, but the truth of the matter is that I really couldn't convince you to buy a house you don't want. Isn’t that true? In fact, you've already come to me determined to buy a house, so there is no selling necessary on my part. My real job is to help guide you through the process with the least amount of stress, the greatest amount of joy, and help you get exactly what you want for the best price and terms. In order to do that effectively I have to know my market and convey that knowledge to you.
#2 - Educate them that we are in a seller’s market with less than six months of inventory. (The proof is in the market report just discussed - share it with them. If you want to prove that this is true in the specific area they are looking, just contact me and I will show you how in 5 minutes.)
#3 - Show them the public record for the property and how much it was worth before the market turned. (They are buying someone else’s lost equity, asking price has nothing to do with it - Happy Birthday to the buyer!)
#4 - Show them an analysis of list to sale prices from recent transactions in the neighborhood. (Sometimes they need to see it to believe it - people are paying more than asking and they will likely lose their house if they don't.)
#5 - Coach them to make their "no regrets" offer. In other words, Mr. Buyer if someone else offers a thousand dollars more than the $100,000 you want to offer and they get the house, will you regret not having offered more? (Continue to ask this question until they are sure they've hit the number that will mean no regrets if they don't get it)
#6 - Be willing to get a retainer fee or let go of unreasonable buyers. (Time is money - you can't hang on to someone that just doesn't get it. There are others out there who will.)

If you would like further assistance with any of these techniques, don't hesitate to contact me for some free coaching.

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