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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Keep Time on Your Side with These 5 Time Management Tips

Keep Time on Your Side with These 5 Time Management TipsBy Paige Tepping

RISMEDIA, January 22, 2011—Time management is a crucial part of any business, especially if you’re looking to cross things off your to-do list and leave the office feeling like you got something accomplished. As our day-to-day lives—both in the office and at home—continue to become more hectic, knowing how to manage your time can be a successful skill.

Here are five tips from the Moola Days blog to help you manage your time more effectively.

1. Create a schedule and stick to it. Having a daily schedule is the first step toward managing your time more effectively. When you come into the office in the morning, the first thing you should look at is your schedule. By mapping out when you will make time for certain tasks, you won’t find yourself trying to focus on too many things at once. By writing down what you will be doing at certain times throughout the day, you can focus all of your attention on any given task, allowing you to complete it more quickly and thoroughly.

2. Use your time efficiently. Use your time efficiently by not falling into the trap of putting certain things off until later. By properly managing your time, you shouldn’t have to rush to get things done at the last minute.

3. Know what’s important. When you create your daily schedule, be sure to put the most important items at the top of your list. Most people are more alert and focused right when they get to the office in the morning, so begin your day with the tasks that require the most attention. This way, you can ease yourself into the rest of the day’s tasks.

4. Get organized. Getting organized is a simple way to keep track of important documents, in addition to being able to quickly check the status of projects. Take a few minutes each night before you leave the office to make sure your desk is organized and everything is put back where it should be. This way, you will be ready to hit the ground running the next morning.

5. Give yourself a goal. Creating short-term, achievable goals is one way to keep yourself on track and accountable. If you give yourself a specific deadline as to when something is due, you will be less likely to keep putting it off. Giving yourself goals to look forward to will enable you to get more things accomplished in any given day.

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