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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 Simple Ways to Stay Connected during the Holiday Season

3 Simple Ways to Stay Connected during the Holiday Season By Paige Tepping

RISMEDIA, December 6, 2010—With the holiday season in full swing, real estate professionals have one more thing to add to their list—staying up-to-date with their clients even while out of the office and on the road. While the industry does slow down during the holiday season, real estate professionals must take the time to stay in front of their clients—past and present—so that when the spring selling season arrives, they are still top of mind.

Blogger Jen Robinson and Aptela, a leading provider of business-class phone service, offer the following tips for real estate professionals to stay on top of their social networking initiatives while still finding time to enjoy the holiday season.

1. Create a schedule. With the arrival of the holiday season comes the extra demand on everyone’s time as we all prepare to spend time with family and friends. While it is easy to get caught up in all the happenings of the season, it is crucial that real estate professionals schedule time to keep up with their social networking presence. Create a manageable schedule ahead of time so that you can devote a few spare minutes to networking with your friends, fans and followers.

2. Ask for help. Keeping up with the multiple social networks you belong to can be a time consuming job, one that is especially difficult during the holiday season when you may be traveling for extended periods of time to see friends and family. If you won’t be able to keep up with your social networking, you may want to think about having someone blog, tweet or post status updates for you. Be sure to pick someone that you trust and don’t be afraid to lay a few ground rules.

3. Disconnect. Many individuals look at the holidays as a time to disconnect from the technology they depend on throughout the year, and are looking for a much needed break. If you plan on taking advantage of the down time, be sure to let your friends, fans and followers know ahead of time so they know to watch for your return after the holidays.

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