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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Door Knocking for business - Are you crazy?

I know it sounds nuts, but when we talk about door knocking we don't mean walking to each and every door in a particular neighborhood schlepping our services just hoping that someone, anyone will need our help today. So how would we efficiently use door knocking to increase our business?

If you are of the Gen X culture, you may remember a little TV show called "Bewitched". In that show, Darren & Samantha had the nosiest neighbor in the world. Her name was Gladys Kravitz. Each and every time Samantha looked out the window, Gladys was there, staring. Gladys knew everything about everyone in the neighborhood.

She was an annoyance, but she was also a resource. Think to yourself, right now, who in my neighborhood knows everything that's going on with everyone. Identify your Gladys and go have a conversation to catch up on the neighborhood. You see, we often forget that people don't move for money, they move for reasons and Gladys can tell you who will be the next to move. Gladys knows: who's having babies, who's been laid off, who's being relocated, who's getting divorced, who's getting married, etc. Start writing down the addresses and take note. If someone has life altering events occurring, Gladys knows. Often, it's because we have neglected to utilize our own neighborhood resources that we find ourselves staring at a competitors sign. We've all been there.

Once Gladys gives you the 411, you have a direct referral from Gladys to your neighbor in need to offer your assistance. Simply approach the neighbor and make a joke of it, yes they know Gladys too. With a roll of the eyes, simply say, "Gladys said I should come over and talk to you. You know I am a Real Estate consultant and with the new baby on the way, she said you might need my help finding a bigger place." It's as simple as that. You can both get a good laugh over Gladys and begin a business relationship if the need for your services is truly there.

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